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Total area of:
5000 square meters
(53819 square feet)
Located in:
No. 11 Charng Sheng St.
Huatan Hsiang
Chang Hua
Built in 1974

Staff Details

Production Staff: 100 to 149
QC Staff: 5 to 9
R&D Staff: 1 to 4

Our modern XIAMEN factory


Site Advantages/Description

Our modern factory has a total land area of 5,000 square meters. We are located in Chang Hua, Taiwan.
Proximity to major transport systems:
Highway: 15 minutes
Rail station: 20 minutes
Airport: 45 minutes
Seaport: 50 minutes


We use plastic, iron and aluminum in our production

Stamping facilities

Machinery/Production Process

We have invested $3 million in our production facility.
We offer integrated processing in-house -- from design, assembling, production and final packaging.

Packaging line
    Mainland China Factory

To cope with the increase in product orders, we have set up another factory in Xiamen, China. Our production facility has a total land area of 16,000 square meters. We also have a 3,000-square-meter warehouse to hold our stocks and raw materials.
Address  No. 11 Charng Sheng Street Hwa Tan Shiang Chang Hua Taiwan
Tel(886 4)23264227. 7866121-6 Fax(886 4) 23268732. 7866127.7864732
E-Mail: all.trade@msa.hinet.net